Data from onboard telematics devices reveals insights into vehicle safety and performance, and helps you and your drivers understand how, when and where vehicles are being driven.

SG Insurance uses driving and vehicle data to help you recognize how choices in routes, types of vehicles driven, time of day and more impact driving risk, performance and safety, with the goal of helping you better protect your drivers and employees, and your business. Through the use of GPS-telematics data, SG Insurance provides a FAIR Score which will help you identify drivers with higher risk attributes. Focusing on driver improvement may work to help lower loss costs, increase fuel economy, improve driver retention and maximize vehicle utilization and value.

SG Insurance quickly identifies drivers who are helping to reduce risk and premium as well as those who may cause premiums to increase. Then use your fleet management system to:

Know how, when and where vehicles are driven

  • Provide valuable feedback and coaching to drivers
  • Identify and reduce driving risk
  • Improve driving safety
  • And more!

Sharing your fleet driving data could help reduce your SG Insurance business auto premium

We are so convinced of the value of telematics data in helping reduce risk and improve driving safety that SG Insurance is offering businesses with telematics devices installed on at least 2/3 of their commercial vehicles an opportunity to earn discounts on their SG Insurance Business Auto policy if their fleet FAIR Score is 660 or greater. A quick and easy online enrollment is all it takes to put your investment in telematics to work to reduce risk, improve driving safety and prevent collisions.

Harness the power of your driving data to reduce premiums and increase your ROI

  • SG Insurance makes it easy for you to share your fleet’s driving data to potentially lower your business auto premiums and reduce driving risk
  • It’s simple—a fleet score greater than 660 earns you discounts, scores less than 660 don’t
  • Our easy-to-understand online portal allows you to understand at a glance which drivers are helping improve your score and which ones have room for improvement