Helping businesses benchmark and improve driving safety and performance to…

better understand and lower their driving risk, decrease operational costs for fuel and repairs, retain good drivers, lower replacement/recruitment costs, AND realize more favorable insurance coverage and rates.

SpeedGauge Insurance Services – Driven by Data

Insurers and their clients turn to us to understand driving risk, how to measure it, how to analyze it, how to predict it and – most importantly – how to reduce it.

We serve the top organizations in the property and casualty insurance industry, affording them access to more than 6.9 million vehicles and over 50 billion miles of driving data to inform risk management, claims analytics and underwriting.

Commercial auto insurers

Personal lines carriers

Specialty insurers

Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance Agencies and Producers

use our driven-safety benchmarking services to stand above the competition, and retain and attract more profitable clients committed to reducing driving risk.

Benchmark drivers of owned and non-owned vehicles for both fleet and non-fleet use

Access to better-informed insurance quotes from carriers interested in their business

We partner with leading telematics service providers around the globe

supporting their fleet customers with our SpeedGauge Safety Center driver safety and performance management solution, and serving as the TSPs’ critical data connection point with insurers, agents and policyholders.

Matching TSP-vendor data sources with insurance carriers seeking access to driving data for their policyholders

Enhance the ROI and value of telematics to their customers

Tap new revenue sources and monetize the data they collect

We give context and meaning to driving data.

Driving data analysis begins with speed, the single most important factor in and predictor of vehicle collisions, but we don’t stop there.

We measure and analyze data on nearly 200 different ratings variables, from vehicle type and load, to road maintenance history, localized weather and traffic congestion – because where and when vehicles are driven are as important as how they are driven.

Accurate VINs,  vehicle histories and base costs

Vehicle characteristics, loads, safety equipment & more

Local weather, traffic dynamics and congestion

Route histories, garage location, radius of operation & more

Driver Safety Scores and Fleet FAIR Scores

Our proprietary Driver Safety Scores and fleet FAIR Scores allow business auto clients and their insurers to see the complete picture to better measure and better manage driving risk.

Safety Scores identify drivers at risk of collision and document the impact that coaching has on improving individual safe-driving performance.

The patented FAIR Score compares the fleet against their peers for a more accurate measure of driven risk, using contextual data of the vehicle’s performance and the driven environment

Innovative Offerings to Analyze, Rate and Reduce Driving Risk

The industry’s largest and best source for commercial vehicle data from telematics and the driven environment.

From factory and after-market equipped cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, commercial trailers, construction equipment, mobile devices, road sensors, crowd-sourced data services and more.

A marketplace where insurance carriers have access to more than 6.9 million vehicles and over 50 billion miles of driving data to inform risk management, claims analytics and underwriting.