Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Speedgauge?

Speedgauge is a driving analytics and performance company. HUB International is currently
teaming up with them to provide third party data aggregation.

What if their telematics service provider isn’t listed?

If their provider isn’t listed, we would not be able to extend any credit. Speedgauge is currently
not authorized to extract the data from that specific provider for some number of reasons.

Is this credit only available for trucking business?

It is available for any class of business that uses an ELD, Connected Cameras or Telematics.

What data are you collecting?

Vehicle location, Acceleration Detail, Speed of Vehicle, Braking Detail, Date and Time of vehicle
use, Distance Traveled, and includes information Speedgauge uses to create the FAIR Score
and Your Fair Score itself. You can reference the Data Sharing Agreement for more information.