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Verizon Connect Reveal (Fleetmatics)

Verizon Connect Reveal clients are required to purchase a Third-Party Integration plan for $5 per vehicle per month to be eligible for this program. Please complete the information below AND contact your account manager with a request for a Third Party Integration with SpeedGauge. They will update your contract and provide you with a Third Party Access Consent Form requesting the following information:

  • Name of Third Party: SpeedGauge
  • Contact Name/Role: Jack Lindgren, Director of Technical Product Management
  • Email/Phone:
  • Other Contact: Chris Carver

Verizon will provide you with FIM and REST credentials for this account. Please complete the following form with the REST credentials, and click submit. We will complete all remaining the integration steps.

Questions: please call us: (206) 274-0024

The name of your Verizon sales rep
if applicable